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La Vida Limeña en Perú

Shane Sweet

School: Indiana University Bloomington

Major: Anthropology and International Studies

Hometown: Columbus , Indiana

Hey, my name's Shane. In Peru, my friends call me José. I have a story behind that - you'll see. I'm studying abroad in Lima, Peru. My program is from March 2013 to July 2013. Whenever someone asks me why I chose Peru over other Spanish – [Read more]

Dalí Disco (discoteca) en Barranco (Lima, Perú)

el sábado noche, 6 abril 2013.
Dalí Disco
a discoteca (club) in Barranco district of Lima, Perú.
I went Saturday night, and I’m glad I did. 
Taxis in Lima
I had a registerd taxi pick me up from my homestay and dropped me off at the plaza with the discoteca without a problem.  A taxi ride from Magdalena to Barranco costed me S/. 20 (one way).  This was the first time I set up my own taxi in Lima. Fun fact: Did you know that speed limits do not exist  for taxi drivers on Circuito de Playas?  That’s false, but I don’t recommend telling your taxi driver to slow down.  Wait – how fast are we going?  Speedometers here are in kilometers, might as well be in chinese.  Sorry, not a clue.  But a speed limit sign said 55 KM per hour.  I have a feeling we were going well above that speed from how my heart was racing as we sped through the highway.  Turns, the taxi driver does not use breaks – he speeds up! 
At the discoteca: “Dalí Disco”
It did not open until after 11pm.  I stayed til 3:30AM when the people I was dancing with decided to leave to eat a local place but as for me – I was done for the night after 4 hours of dancing.  New record for me. Pushing aside the 2nd hand smoke… I highly recommend this discoteca.The music is both latinoamericana and from the USA.  The DJ did well.  I danced for 4 hours straight.  I think that says a lot in itself.  A great time getting to know other international students and a few Peruvians from the student organization “Trotamundos” from PUCP. Have you ever wanted to yell in Spanish?  Well, at the discoteca to be audible from person to person yelling is required – in the ear.  Meaning, I danced more than I talked with people.  The people I met there were fun and overall I had a positive experience.  I’ve only been to one other discoteca before this one so I can’t really say if it was above average – but for me, best so far!  (P.S. good luck finding a discoteca that is smoke-free, they do not exist!) 

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